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Hi and Welcome!  I’m Sheila Tarantino M.S., H.C.

Introduction, Education, and Training

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am very passionate about health!  I am continuously amazed at how God created the human body and how it was designed to work perfectly and efficiently.  The design of cells in the human body are quite fascinating!  Each of the trillions of the cells has a job to do and they all work remarkably together without us being aware of what is going on every second of everyday!  Scientists have been studying this for years and they are still discovering new and simple things about the body’s complex systems.

My fascination with God’s design of the human body began after I experienced digestive issues.  I went to a doctor and he gave me some very strong antacids, told me I did not have to give up any foods I loved, and that I could live on this medication for the rest of my life and it would not hurt me (this particular medication).  It just didn’t seem right to me.  I knew I must try something else.  I did not know that doctors were not educated in nutrition.  It was assumed that the doctor knew best about health issues.  Now I know that their job primarily focuses on providing medication for an illness that exists opposed to helping prevent illnesses.  Going to see someone who will help you prevent diseases or work with you on your optimal diet and lifestyle isn’t what we are in the habit of doing in our country.  Not yet anyway.  However, with the current health care crisis (created by the practice of treating disease instead of preventing it), getting help with diet and lifestyle changes would be more effective, helpful, efficient, and a heck of a lot cheaper in the long run than fixing the compounding effects of  years of diet and lifestyle habits that make you sick.

It is for that very reason, at that very point in my life, that I realized I had to take charge of my own health because we didn’t have a system that helped you prevent disease.  It was 1993 and I began reading and subscribing to print and online health articles, most anything I could get my mind around, not having a formal education in health. There is a lot of health information out there.  It’s a hodgepodge of scientific studies, accurate and inaccurate summaries of these studies, info around popular beliefs, infomercial quality info, etc., and quite honestly it can be hard to discern what information is accurate.

After my last child was enrolled in school, I went back to school and got my Master’s Degree in Health Education at Southern Connecticut State University.  I completed that program in August of 2011 and in September of 2012, I enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and finished that program in August of 2012, when I received my certification as a Health Coach from the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

I have gained a lot of knowledge about the human body, the immune system, the digestive system, food, how the body reacts to nutrients, the synergistic nutritional benefits of natural food (that is, anything that comes from a plant which has not been altered by humans), what a healthy diet really is and what it’s not, mental and emotional effects on the body and the brain, the body’s ability to handle toxins, a lot about cancer (I took an extra course with Dr. Andrew Weil on “Nutrition and Cancer”),  and a plethora about common ailments and how to prevent them like headaches, inflammation, the common cold and flu, how stress affects the human body and how to manage it, how much our brain affects our health in terms of how and what we think, how much the market place has affected actual and recommended food intake, and how educating and retraining can change bad lifestyle behaviors, and the list goes on.

The body is quite remarkable and every body is different.  Everyone has their own unique body and unique circumstances surrounding their life.  There are so many challenges including pollution, our broken food system, our social dietary practices and expectations, misinformation from food industries, and the many down sides of modern conveniences that not only contribute to a lack of physical activity and the knowledge about how to put a meal together in the kitchen but train your taste buds to overindulge.  The body can tolerate so many assaults but there is a breaking point.  The trick is minimizing these assaults and finding ways to optimize your health that work for you and your family.

I am a Christian and believe wholeheartedly that the cornerstone to good health is good spiritual health because lets face it, we’re all going to die someday!  We all want to live well while we are here on this earth, not only to fulfill the purpose God put us on this earth for but to enjoy His creation wholeheartedly.  There are many distractions in this life and it’s easy to get off track.  I am very much interested in helping people  get on the best track they’ve ever been on.  It happened to me.  My life has never been better and the few people I have helped so far have given me great encouragement, and I want to use the gifts and talents that God entrusted to me by helping other people. While spiritual health is the cornerstone of health, it isn’t the only element of good health.  As I have said before and have stated in the “pillars of health” in the menu bar at the top of this website, nutrition, mental, emotional, relational, and physical health are all important in keeping us healthy and living the best possible life God gave us.

My goal is to help people help themselves have their best health.  If you were to work with me I would provide you with guidance, support, information using the latest scientific research and support, and accountability to help you identify, achieve, and maintain your own optimal health goals.  I recognize your main goal in life is not to achieve good health, but rather the state you want to be in when you are going about your life’s journey, to pursue your callings in your life, and feel good and vibrant living it!  If you are ready to take the next step and want to make a commitment to having your best health, please call me today.  I would love to meet with you and give you a free health consultation so you can see if I would be a good health coach for you.

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