Prevent Costly Healthcare

The cost of healthcare in America ($2 trillion annually) is about double the amount than in any other industrialized country, while America’s mortality rate falls in line with Cuba, which spends a very small fraction in comparison.  Cost of health

We have a broken healthcare system where our cost of healthcare is not equal to our health outcomes.  Health insurance costs are as much as a car payment, rent, or a mortgage for some.  Insurance was originally designed to prevent you from losing your home or livelihood in case you had an unexpected illness or accident.  But now it costs so much for everything healthcare related. There are medications for everything, even obesity.  Many medications are essential and save lives and prevent further health declines but some are completely unnecessary and the focus needs to shift to prevention.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC, 2009) reports that heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, and obesity are the most common, costly chronic diseases in the U.S. and they are preventable.  The main health risk behaviors that, when modified, could prevent disease are diet, lack of physical activity, tobacco, and alcohol consumption.

It’s now time to take responsibility for your own health.  We can no longer relinquish that responsibility to a system that has failed.  I believe health coaching is going to become a widespread preventative care provided that will help many stay or become healthy.   For some it will even help them fix what has gone wrong.  Preventative care is essential, just as medical care is.  But medical care should be reserved for when you really need it and not in place of prevention.

Preventative care includes eating a healthy diet (rich in plant based foods), getting enough physical activity, staying away from tobacco, drinking very little alcohol if at all, managing stress, having a rich spiritual life, and a healthy social/community life.  Take care of these areas of your life that make up your health.  Writing down some goals, praying for good health, getting a buddy to help you stay accountable to your goals, and seeking good resources are ways that will help you achieve your optimal health.

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