Healthy Aging

Aging is a natural and essential part of a good life.  We can age gracefully, prolonging good health and with more of a youthful appearance than we would if we didn’t pay attention to incorporating behaviors that are health preserving and promoting.  I believe it’s not about living a long life but a good one and maintaining wellness is essential to feeling great as we age.

There is a strong link between eating a healthy diet and preventing age related diseases.  Other essentials to preserving our youth include exercise, stress management, sufficient sleep, healthy relationships, and an active prayer life where we are confessing your sins, asking God for help for ourself and others, expressing our thankfulness to Him, and receiving His love daily.

Healthy aging does not include augmentations, Botox, and a number of other anti-aging remedies that really put us at odds with nature.  It’s important that we accept and embrace the aging process with behaviors that promote healthy aging.  At any point in life we need to embrace where we’re at.  As we get older we gain more wisdom, understanding, and experience.  Getting older does not have to include taking medication.

We have a lot going against us as we age in our culture.  We have, what’s seems to be the majority of America, eating junk food, which we really can’t do anymore because that’s one of the major causes of degenerative diseases.  We also have a sedentary culture and one that is heavily focused on being young, a culture where older people are not honored.  People from Okinawa, Japan hold the record in longevity.  Their culture honors the aging, actively including older people in all cultural activities.  The result here is good mental/emotional health for the elderly as well as the younger generations.  At any age we want to feel a sense of belonging.

There is also a pervasive thought that medication is inevitable and that most people will need it to live.  Medication is helpful for many health issues but there are many diseases, most of the big ones (heart disease, diabetes, etc.), that can be prevented with proper preventative “health care.”

But there are a lot of things we can do that puts us in control of preserving our youth and living healthfully until it really is our time to go home and be with God.  Your time and my time will come, as it does for all of us.  In the mean time, eating a healthy diet (and I know from experience that most people do not know what that is due to conflicting information), getting enough exercise, sleeping well, experiencing healthy relationships, and seeking God in our daily life is our responsibility and can make a difference in having your best life possible!

If you are in need of help in any or all of these areas, I can help you to help yourself to make the needed changes so you can enjoy your best life.

I am over 50 and so many times people are in disbelief when I tell them my age.  I have become educated, earning a Master’s Degree in Health Education and being certified as a Holistic Health Coach, I learned to live healthfully and have incorporated that into my life.  I would love to help educate, motivate, and guide you on your journey to preserving your youth and overall health.  I have worked hard at working on the pillars of health daily and everyday I am learning new things to pass on to you so that you can also benefit from them.

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Aging is natural and doing it well will result in you feeling great!