What to expect

What to expect after signing up for a program

At the start of the program you will fill out the health history and return it to me.  I will review it with you and we will then schedule our first session.  I take a client lead approach because science has shown it to be most effective in counseling people.  After you let me know what your most important goals are, we will work together to find solutions that will bring you closer to that goal or those goals.  You will need to fill out a food log/diary for one week.  It will be important that you put forth your best effort in making some necessary changes.  No one is perfect and it is not recommended that you be hard on yourself but it is essential that you acknowledge your little and big successes along the way.  I will educate you on diet and the various recommendations around macronutrients (fats, carbs and protein) and sugar, and on the latest information including the most reliable, scientific recommendations available to date.  I will provide recipe and food suggestions depending on your preferences.

If you select the “7-weeks to transformation” or the “7 months to lasting change” I will help you do a pantry sweep/cleanse, a grocery store tour, and any specific food recommendations according to your needs.  We will cover exercise desires and abilities, water intake, stress management, sleep and touch on your emotional health.  It is your program so we can take on whatever goals or challenges you want help with.

Most people are estatic after they have reached their goal or have gotten a significant amount of value out of the program.  I look forward to going through this journey with you!